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How Can We And Why Should We Keep UK’s
National Parks Eco-Friendly?

UK’s national parks offer tremendous adventure opportunities. Revel in the sea-scented area
along the coast, rolling hills lining the countryside, or rugged mountainscapes as you explore.
The options are endless! But with an influx of people flocking to national parks, it is essential to
discuss how we can preserve these mesmerizing natural wonders—and why this is an important
concept to consider as the parks play a significant role in protecting us from carbon dioxide and
other harmful emissions. Read on to learn more about the interdependency between us and the
UK’s national parks!

What do you mean by “interdependence between us and
the parks”?

Ah, yes! We’re glad you asked. Here’s the thing: bogs, trees in forests and woodlands, marshes
soak up carbon dioxide emissions. That’s right. These natural gifts protect the atmosphere from
absorbing more harmful emissions than it already does. National parks across the UK rely on us
to do whatever we can to keep our carbon footprint low when we explore the parks!

The National Park Authorities are encouraging land management methods working towards
soaking up more carbon. Several parks are working towards restoring damaged peatlands. The
Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in National Park report shares that if all peatlands
across every national park reached restoration, they, as a collective, could soak up around 200
kt of carbon every year!

Okay, so how can we play our part in protecting the environment and the national parks? This is
where the parks rely on us! Here are some things to consider:

● Practice the leave-no-trace mindset—pick up your rubbish, dog poo, or anything, toss it
in a bin and keep it with you until you find a place to chuck it.
● Pick up any rubbish you see on your way back to the car park.
● Keep your dog on a leash unless indicated otherwise.
● If you’re revelling in a viewpoint from your car, turn it off. Idling still emits gas into the
world, which no one wants.
● Take a shuttle, public transport, or carpool to your destination.

How Exercising Outdoors Benefits You and the

On top of everything, think about how an afternoon or day spent meandering one of the national
parks listed below can help your carbon footprint. It would keep you away from screens,
preventing hours of electricity usage.

And if the thought of playing a role in protecting the environment isn’t enough to convince you to
head outside, consider your mental and physical health for a moment.

Spending time outdoors can combat anxiety and stress, boost your creativity and focus, and
elevate your immune system, to name a few. Plus, your physical health gets a boost when you
devote time to moving your body!

Now that you’ve learned all of that, it’s time to choose a national park to explore! Be sure to
keep your carbon footprint in mind as you meander the trails of one or more of the parks listed

13 of 15 National parks in the UK


Lake District National Park

It’s no wonder poets and creatives continue to credit Lake District National Park as an incredible source of inspiration, thanks to the always-stunning image of fell mountains flanking the glistening lakes. You’ll find a range of family-friendly walks to heart-pumping, forever-panting excursions, such as the Helvellyn Walk. Ditch the walking shoes for a bicycle, and you’ll find a fantastic combination of cruising along countryside lanes to epic mountain bike rides, with Whinlatter Forest being a great option. 

Photo credit: 10adventures

South Downs National Park

Breathe in salty, coastal air in South Downs National Park, where history and rolling hills meet a gorgeous seascape. Enjoy the lengthy East Dean, Beachy Head, and Birling Gap Walk or the Seven Sisters Walk (to name two). There’s also Arundel Castle worth checking out!

Photo credit: 10adventures

New Forest National Park

New Forest National Park‘s name may not ring true: the park certainly isn’t new as it dates back to 1079 when it earned a reputation as a royal hunting reserve, and you’ll find more heathland than forest here! The best part? The wild ponies exploring the land! Visitors love to come here for easy-going cycling, walking, and horseback riding adventures.

Photo credit: 10adventures

Northumberland National Park

Expect remnants of history scattered across Northumberland National Park! You’ll discover castles and border fortifications as this park lines Scotland’s northern border. This park grants the chance to bask in nature while discovering historic ruins and castles.

Photo credit: 10adventures

Peak District National Park

Replete with phenomenal biking and walking opportunities, Peak District National Park caters to most seeking an adventure. So gather your family for the Mam Tor Walk, or get your heart rate up on the Kinder Scout Walk. You’ll find bike rides great for kids and anyone seeking a more intense journey! While you’re here, you might as well check out some of the quaint villages peppering the park.

Photo credit: 10adventures

Yorkshire Dales National Park

Step into a time machine and travel back to simpler times of sweeping meadowlands, grazing sheep, and charming villages embroidered with centuries-old tales. Then, feel like you’re standing in a fantasy storybook as you gaze upon the towering karsts jetting out of the greenery. People flock here to walk, cycle, and have a go at cave exploring.

Photo credit: 10adventures

North York Moors National Park

Experience seaside views, countryside meanders, and heather moorland in North York Moors National Park. Head out in summer and early autumn when the native heather blooms for a glimpse of surreal beauty. Ravenscar and Robin Hood’s Bay grants lovely views for walkers, while Sutton Bank is a fun mountain bike ride for newbies and families.

Photo credit: 10adventures

Exmoor National Park

Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse in Exmoor National Park‘s timeless natural wonders, which boasts variety. Explore forests, cliffs, the coastline, moors, and tumbling green hills. While you disconnect from the horns and honks, you can connect with nature through canoeing, cycling, rock climbing, and walking.

Photo credit: 10adventures

Dartmoor National Park

Immerse in the more rugged setting blanketing Dartmoor National Park via cycling, walking, rock climbing, camping, fishing, and horseback riding. The moorland, granite tors, and lush forest blend to create the ideal space for some memorable outdoor adventures. If you’re short on time, consider the Haytor Quarry Loop or the Hound Tor Walk—the scenery is exceptional!

Photo credit: 10adventures


Cairngorms National Park

Enjoy the sub-alpine terrain, scenic mountainscape, and moody lochs in Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park. Spend time relishing in the vast outdoors by going on a scenic, relaxing walk or bagging a Munro. But the fun doesn’t end at walking—wild camp overnight, hop on your mountain bike and ride, and head to the water to canoe, swim, or raft.

Photo credit: 10adventures

Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park

Step into an epic fantasy set in Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, which sits on the edge of the incredible Scottish Highlands. Explore stunning lochs flanked by rugged mountainous scenery, meander storybook trails via foot or mountain bike, or spend the night breathing in the fresh air and gazing up at the stars via wild camping (you’ll need a permit for specific spots in the park).

Photo credit: 10adventures


Snowdonia National Park

Wandering Snowdonia National Park will have you feeling you’re a character in a mythic fairytale. You’ll find a prominent Welsh presence in Snowdonia, granting a glimpse of Wales’ culture and history. With a range of easy to challenging walks, there’s an adventure here for most. But if you aren’t in the mood for a walk, you’re in luck! Snowdonia is an outdoor playground for most ages: go cycling, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, and rock climbing, to name a few.

Photo credit: 10adventures

Brecon Beacons National Park

Like many parks in the UK, Brecon Beacons National Park boasts a reel of unreal scenery. Lace-up your walking shoes and wander through forests of yore, the countryside, mountain ranges. You’ll never grow bored! Not sure where to start? Most people love this moderate walking adventure: Pen-y-Fan and Corn Du Circular Walk.

Photo credit: 10adventures

Which national park in the UK sits atop your must-visit list? Don’t forget to do whatever you can to protect these beautiful parks. Remember that we rely on each other to combat carbon emissions.

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