about us

Our mission

We are a community interest company with the mission to highlight climate solutions, raise environmental awareness, and promote physical and mental wellbeing through eco-adventures in the great outdoors.

Awareness and education are key to driving funding and connecting stakeholders to the information needed to enhance commitments, engagement and scaling up of these initiatives to make a real impact. This will then help accelerate the measures required for implementing climate solution projects globally to build an economy that is more adaptable and resilient to climate change.

our activities

We support local communities, organisations and businesses by providing advice and guidance on sustainable initiatives and innovations. This guidance and advice comes from the production of educational content about climate solutions we have explored and uncovered across the world, to increase awareness, collaborative implementation, and innovation of these solutions.

We provide training and workshops, communication (media and film), and events (speaking/discussion panels/workshops) to educate, raise awareness and drive change within organisations. Here are some benefits from our work:

  • Employees of businesses looking to become more sustainable will be provided workshops to practically support and guide them. In addition, we can give employee motivation/entertainment opportunities through inspirational story-telling to improve employee productivity.¬†
  • We educate pupils at educational institutions on the importance of nature’s role for our planet’s ecosystems, and why it needs protection for physical and mental health. In addition to this, we provide mental health and outdoor education to develop a nature caring mindset in children.
  • We encourage community members to support other charities that are working at a grassroots level on climate action by promoting their work and connecting similar groups together.

We partner with all these organisations to work with them longer-term and provide continued support. This helps them work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals and address climate change challenges facing our planet and its people.

goals we are working towards

Invigorated by the success of our first project, Pedal 4 Parks, we are now working towards a future eco-adventure documentary series.

As a new business, we are grasping the opportunity to lead by example from the beginning, and will be working hard towards attaining the following business goals in the near future: