Author: ickenyon

Why does sustainable fashion matter? Eco-conscious buyers are raising awareness and are willing to change their purchasing habits; in doing so, they are putting immense pressure on fashion moguls and brands to enact real change. However, the fashion industry is reaping havoc on the already threatened biodiversity of the world. Despite some movement towards more sustainable clothing choices from the likes of retail giant H&M and

UK's national parks offer tremendous adventure opportunities. Revel in the sea-scented areaalong the coast, rolling hills lining the countryside, or rugged mountainscapes as you explore.The options are endless! But with an influx of people flocking to national parks, it is essential todiscuss how we can preserve these mesmerizing natural wonders—and why this is an importantconcept to consider as the parks play a significant role in

What is Mind the Green Space? Green spaces, mental health and exercise. Mind the Green Space is a podcast we created back in November 2020. It was created out of curiosity to learn and explore the multitude of climate solutions, nature conservation projects, outdoor adventure stories and what this all means for our physical and mental health. It has since become a platform to discuss the

Why Climate Explorers? We wanted a name that would reflect our mission going forward which is exploring climate solutions through eco-adventures and sharing them with the world through media. From the success of the Pedal 4 Parks impact campaign we decided to become a community interest company (CIC) to grow our mission to highlight climate solutions, raise environmental awareness and promote physical and mental wellbeing through eco-adventures