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the WORLD'S FIRST cycle from Orkney to the isles of scilly over sea and land!


The Pedal 4 Parks project started out with not knowing enough about what was being done to protect and preserve our green spaces, which are essential for our physical and mental health. Being frustrated with the constant negative headlines surrounding climate changes issues in mainstream media, we wanted to explore positive climate solutions and offer some hope by highlighting some of the great work going on in the UK to address climate change. On our adventure, we interviewed 25 different companies, organisations, and non-profits all working very hard on ecological conservation, local community action and sustainability projects.

Our main charity partner for this project was National Parks UK. Created in the 70th year of the National Parks, the Foundation exists to help protect these wonderful areas, so that they can continue to be enjoyed by us and by future generations as well. They run some fantastic programmes to encourage people to get out to the Parks more and engage with them more thoroughly. We raised £5000 for the National Parks Protectors Fund, a dedicated fund for vital nature conservation projects across the UK’s 15 National Parks.


Traditionally, JOGLE would mean cycling from John O’Groats, the northeastern tip of mainland UK, to Land’s End, the southwestern tip. Completing this journey means one has cycled the longest distance between two points on mainland UK. 

Our cycle was across both land and sea, connecting the Orkney Islands to the Isles of Scilly!

Our journey was split into 4 stages:

  1. We started at the northwestern tip of the Mainland Orkney, part of a group of islands sitting just north of mainland Scotland. We cycled the length of Mainland Orkney down to its southernmost tip, Burwick.
  2. There, we switched to water bikes and cycled across the sea (Pentland Firth), reaching John O’Groats, the northernmost tip of mainland Scotland. This took us less than 2 hours thanks to calm conditions.
  3. We then changed back to our land bikes, and cycled all the way to Land’s End over the next 12 days.
  4. For the final stage, we switched back to water bikes to cycle from Land’s End to the Isles of Scilly, the southernmost isles of the UK. This took us 8 hours!

We were sponsored by ZeroSixZero, who provided us the platform to track our journey on a beautiful custom map.

How many national Parks did we visit?

Our route was designed to visit as many national parks as feasibly possible in 14 days between the Orkney Islands and the Isles of Scilly. The National Parks we visited are listed below in order from top of the UK down:

Cairngorms National Park

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park

Lake District National Park

Brecon Beacons National Park

Exmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park

During our training, we also visited the Peak District National Park, Snowdonia National Park, Pembrokeshire National Park, New Forest National Park and Yorkshire Dales National Park.

We were sponsored by Komoot, who provided us with the platform to create our route for each of the 14 days.

Check out the Collection here!

the crew

expedition team

Isaac kenyon

Founder of Pedal 4 Parks, campaign lead, “14 Days South: Over Sea and Land” film producer and endurance athlete

Alex Pierrot

Team chief technical officer, “14 Days South: Over Sea and Land” film producer and endurance athlete


Endurance athlete

LUKAS haitzmann

Endurance athlete

Alex Egan

Endurance athlete

Film and photography team

Kevin Merrey

Co-director and Editor of our film “14 Days South: Over Sea and Land”

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Gav Kaps

Co-director of our film “14 Days South: Over Sea and Land”

Maeve Headshot

Maeve McCarthy

Composer of the soundtrack to our film “14 Days South: Over Sea and Land”

Maria Matei

Assistant Producer of our film “14 Days South: Over Sea and Land”

Daniel Williams

Videographer and Photographer

Amber Munro-Fellowes


Ollie Axon

Drone Videographer and Photographer

support crew

Mirren Dougan

Social Media Management

Philipp Maino

Website Support

Alicia Thomas

Host of our podcast ‘Mind the Green Space’

Natasha Mae


Emily Murrell


liz marsland

Personal Training

Eleanor O'Flaherty

Partnerships Officer

Fiona Reynolds

Partnerships and Endorsement Officer

deon chorley

Expedition Logistics Manager

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Lucy Swithenbank

Logistics Administrator

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