Isaac Kenyon

Co-Founder and CEO of Climate Explorers


Isaac (aka Mr. Enthusiasm) pursues the extraordinary and inspires others with his infectious enthusiasm and philanthropic approach to life. Isaac comes from Luton, where his school failed and was shut down, then reopened with some help from the government. In short, with little access to outdoor green spaces, Isaac didn’t have an easy entry to adventurism. Isaac’s parents were very protective and wouldn’t trust the local green spaces and parks as safe places to hang around in, as they were usually full of gangs and unsafe, so he spent much of his childhood indoors either swimming in an indoor pool, at school or at home.

It was only at university that Isaac started to learn about the outdoors, in a safer area with plenty of green spaces – he immersed himself in it and never looked back. Unusually, Isaac started the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award aged 20 years old, reaching Silver alongside his degree. He says it wasn’t promoted at school, and had never even heard about it until it was mentioned at university. Since completing a degree in Geoscience, Isaac has become an adventurer and outdoors ambassador, working with social groups like the Scouts and schools in poor communities, inspiring them to connect with nature and the outdoors. Previous challenges have included a swim across the English Channel, summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Three Peaks Challenge twice, and an unsupported row across the Atlantic Ocean in 40 days. He also holds a world record for the longest continual row on an indoor rowing machine for 83 hours… Talk about mental strength to stay awake for that long!

Photo credit: Penny Bird and Camera

Isaac has also presented a TED talk on the concept of outdoor time and mental health:

Isaac is regularly seen outdoors taking on a challenge to inspire others of any background to get outdoors, as well as raising funds for charity. Isaac is a trustee for the charity Mind In Mid Herts (MiMH) and is also the NW Europe Energy Analyst for renewable energy transition intelligence company called MapStand. Isaac strives to create a platform which encourages improving mental health by finding a balance between technology and nature; for him, there is no better way of doing this than through adventurous challenges. He speaks passionately about this in his motivational talks, and is even writing a book about it which is set for release in the next few years! You won’t find another person quite like Isaac. Find out more about Mr. Enthusiasm on his website.

Why did you want to create climate Explorers?

“I grew up with no idea of what nature really was, having been sheltered indoors from gangs in a poor town called Luton. I needed to escape a world of city concrete blocks and poor quality of life and I found I really enjoyed the stillness and beauty of nature; it is my place of meditation. I am not only inspired by the sheer beauty of our outdoor spaces in the UK, but also the rest of the world, which still has a rich diversity of landscapes and wildlife. I hope that by spreading awareness of climate solutions we can help shield these precious spaces as well as live in co-existence with nature. I like to campaign which is why I founded Pedal 4 Parks which has now evolved into Climate Explorers with the goal to inspire future generations to understand, learn to care for and also have the opportunity to experience these natural spaces that we are so lucky to have. Currently, as a society we are growing at an alarming rate and taking more away from nature than we give back – I aim to be part of the solution reversing this.”

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