Volunteer Opportunities

We are always on the lookout for like-minded adventurous people who want to help the planet and look for climate solutions with us. We are a big team and without all our volunteers we wouldn’t be able to do what we do best! We have a number of roles that we look to fill on a yearly basis.

See opportunities below and at any time feel free to apply by sending us a CV and covering letter to our email ([email protected]) and we’ll schedule an interview with you 🙂


As a blogger, you will be generating, researching and pitching ideas for posts related to educating and advocating others on these themes of our social enterprise.

  1. Environment/Climate Change/Climate Solutions/Conservation
  2. Adventure/Sport/Endurance
  3. Sustainability
  4. Filmmaking
  5. Mental Health

Promoting new posts through emails, social media and other methods to attract new readers

Sponsorship account manager

This role involves responsibility for developing and maintaining a marketing plan for the sponsor program of each of our adventures/campaigns. As well as securing the income and stretching income targets. Partnering with brands providing service or product sponsorship to support us. Training will be provided.

  • Sponsor prospecting
  • Proposal customisation and presentation
  • Contract revision and servicing
  • Sponsor follow-up and support
  • Fulfilment reporting

You would be working in a supporting role alongside co-founder Isaac on this.

Non-Exec Director/Advisor

Be our NED (non-excutive) who will chair the Board of Directors. Bring an external “an outsider”, independent perspective to the Board and assist with strategy, help develop the business and ensure the risks we have are suitably managed. Key responsibilities are:

  • Strategic Direction – creative and informed contributions as well as a constructive critic in objective making and plans devised by the CEO and executive team
  • Monitoring Performance – Keeping tabs on the executive management, especially regarding progress towards achieving the determined company strategy and objectives.
  • Communication – connecting business to and board with networks of potentially useful people and organisations. In some cases, the NED will be called upon to represent us externally.
  • Risk – review the integrity of financial information and assist with the systems of risk management to be robust and defensible
  • Audit – be part of the formal audit committee.

We will provide an appropriate induction programme with opportunities in ongoing training and keeping up with developments in the company

Endorsement & Stakeholder relationships manager

Two parts:


You will be prospecting potential partnerships and collaborations with similar brands/businesses to ours to enhance our engagement and reach. Sometimes Memorium of Understanding contracts is required.

Stakeholder Relations

Manage the stakeholder mapping and prepare communications to stakeholders i.e. newsletters/emails/social posts. Gather feedback from our stakeholders of opinions, concerns and best practices to shape our next expedition/film projects. Gathering testimonials to help raise the profile.

Social Media Content Manager

Be responsible for the management and development of activity on core social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok) with the aim of driving engagement, building an audience, increasing web traffic and driving website registrations. 

You will be supporting our marketing and content providing insights and analysis to improve our impact and effectiveness. Key supporting areas:

  • Help drive B2B Marketing’s SEO, Google search rankings, and organic web traffic, by building high value backlinks to the B2B Marketing site through active and passive engagement with key content and social media partners
  • Help drive our SEO and social-driven traffic by actively engaging with key content sharers and influencers
  • Help drive our SEO through understanding, championing and executing SEO best practices across our websites
  • Help drive our production of highly shareable content through working  closely with the content team including blogging partners, to provide data driven recommendations for content by keyword, topic and headline
  • Identify best ROI opportunities for paid social media tactics and optimise campaign spend to maximise ROI
Outdoor Education Instructor

Providing a challenging, varied and appropriate sessions that enables students to learn experientially through direct guided experience using sensory awareness, active participation and nature’s resources. This will involve:

  • Planning and delivering quality outdoor educational sessions such as bushcraft, archery, sports sessions including cycling skills, arts and crafts, problem solving and environmental activities
  • Assisting with preparing equipment 
  • Hold a relevant forest school Practitioner qualification. Safeguard Training, updated first aid training. Sport qualifications like ML.

You will be working with young people and supporting them in the sessions.

Grant Applications Bid Writer

Primarily responsible for developing/designing and writing bids for tendered contracts and grant proposals to statutory bodies and trusts. Assemble and submit grant requests and bids, establish and maintain contact and relationships with statutory and trust contacts, help us conduct prospect research.

This will be an exceptional opportunity for a gifted and driven individual to build new networks and to establish, develop and maintain new fundraising initiatives for the social enterprise.

Website Designer/Backend Support

Calling all creatives in website design we are looking for support in the overall layout and aesthetic of our website. Duties include coding webpages or entire websites, meeting with the founders to review website templates or refine their designs and running tests to preview layouts and website features. You will need to be comfortable working as part of a multi-disciplinary team and keep up-to-date with the latest technology and software developments in this space. At times we need support with the backend of our website server this would be a great bonus to us if you have experience in this.

Film Sales Agent/Distributor

Help support our film distribution by acting on behalf of ‘Climate Explorers’ the producer to sell the rights to our independent film to distributors to be released on different platforms (cinema, TV, DVD, streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon)


Assist with writing original stories about climate solutions as well as scripts for films. Revisioning pieces written by other authors too.

What our volunteers think of working at Climate Explorers

Emily Murrel - Pedal 4 Parks Blogger

What was it like working on the documentary Pedal 4 Parks?

From the documentary, I learnt that there is a lot being done under the radar by national parks and certain businesses that we don’t know about. I learnt that there are solutions to be found in all kinds of business from clothing and the national parks themselves.

One of the things I benefitted most from in the documentary was the realisation that we should all take a step back and look at the impact we have on the environments around us. We hear a lot about the big projects from governments but we a rarely aware of those happening in our own towns. By supporting small scale projects, my impact will be far greater. This documentary showed me that I can observe large scale solutions but I can actually help make a difference when looking for the smaller scale ones.

I think the objective to highlight the environmental solutions on our doorstep is an extremely valuable approach to our climate issues. There are so many projects happening and we need someone to voice them! Promoting environmental consciousness is a huge step towards persuading people to act, and when it is regarding projects near peoples homes they are much more likely to get involved.